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Defining Occupy

April 25, 2012 1 comment

What I initially thought was weakness in the concept of the Occupy movement turns out to have been perhaps it’s greatest strength and the thing that will make it completely successful. When Occupy Wall Street first took to the streets and spawned a plethora of other Occupations around the country, indeed the world, I watched the confusion it caused to the established order. Politicians were at first afraid to say anything. GOP strategists even warned Republicans not to make negative comments against Occupy because many people were sympathetic to them.

Truthfully I don’t think they knew what to make of it, it caught them by surprise. They had watched uprisings in Tunisia spread to Egypt and then to other countries, but suddenly it had spread to right here on their doorsteps. No one had told them what to think yet apparently.

The Tea Party was strangely silent for a couple of weeks as well. They then came out and did exactly what I expected, tried to portray Occupy as a “left wing” version of themselves.

I was annoyed that Occupy did not do more to define itself. I was worried that this opened a window for opposing forces to continue to define them, painting them in whatever negative light they chose.

In time I began to see the genius of this. Whether intentional or not Occupy had opened a window for other people to identify with them in a positive way. Everyone is angry about something and many of those issues are intertwined with one another, the root cause being the corruption of the current system under which we live.

Suddenly Occupy was not just about Wall Street greed and abuse. It was about political reform, the environment and education, it attracted people who were concerned about the food they ate, one of the most basic things all humans do, eating. Internet and personal privacy came to the forefront as Washington rushed to usher in even more limits on civil liberties. Issues like immigration and workers rights added themselves to the mix. People and organizations who found themselves under attack by the right wing found support alongside Occupy. There was massive blowback against efforts by State and Local governments to crush unions and education. Then Rush Limbaugh, bless his little pointed head, made the incredible mistake of dissing women. Now the feminists joined the fray and more women related issues came to the forefront.

A myriad of other issues now swirl around under the banner of the Occupation. The result of which is creating a cascade effect of various yet connected issues and events that are coalescing together to solidify Occupy into a formidable force to be reckoned with. Many issues and feelings about those issues that have been festering below the surface of our society are now finding expression. The general feeling is that anything that needs changed, will now be changed and that we will support one another to accomplish it. It’s over for the 1% and they know it.

What began as simple rage against the criminality of Wall Street has now become amplified rage at those who have gone unchecked in their disregard and criminality against the rest of us for so long.

There is a resurgence of pro democracy forces on American streets this spring. After a winter when efforts seemed to dwindle and withdraw, there is instead renewed dedication and support for the cause. I liken it to the waters being sucked away from the shore before a Tsunami as it gathers strength and rolls back into land with overwhelming and unstoppable force. The movement has gathered mass and structure and has evolved to define itself. That definition is change. Real change.

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An open letter to those who would be king…

April 25, 2012 1 comment

After decades of planning, of whittling down the rights of American citizens, of watering down the constitution with twisted perversions of the law, of creating political division , of destroying the socioeconomic landscape of the republic, of dumbing down your presumed subjects and of conquering by attrition, you are now preparing to forcefully usurp the rule of law and the will of the people with an act of treason. Watching this aggression unfold and witnessing each part of your plan come together has indeed been an education. The magnitude of your audacity is stunning, almost as stunning as swallowing the bitter pill of knowing that by our lack of vigilance and action we have allowed it to come to this point. But no more.

Elitists, abandon this folly I beg you. The current system is corrupted and unsustainable, allow us to fix it, peacefully. You cannot win. You have severely miscalculated your chances of success. We on the other hand have to succeed, you have given us no choice at all. But I know that this falls on deaf ears, you intend to do it anyway don’t you? I assure you, this is the end, we have reached the tipping point and now it’s quite simply a fight to the death. You know it, we know it. We smell your fear.

We have seen the hurried efforts at crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on the part of the Obama administration, pushing one legislative misdeed and unconstitutional executive order after another. We’ve seen your secret police buying hundreds of thousands of bullets for the guns that they intend to turn on us. We’ve watched police departments in every city blatantly and violently assault peaceful protesters in an attempt to break the spirit of this just and proper uprising. We have suffered your threats and intimidation. Endured your surveillance and invasions of privacy. We watch in amazement as a Congress that is incapable of passing a budget or of passing any meaningful legislation whatsoever somehow finds the time to recycle SOPA into CISPA. as if their life depended on it. Perverting the law to serve your ends will not save you. We will simply not obey.

We see you trying to prepare for the onslaught you know is coming and positioning yourselves to be able to launch a first strike against the pro democracy forces lining up against you. The more you push, the more we will push back. The larger our numbers and resources will grow. The better our methods will become. The more decisive our capabilities. The more allies that will flock to our side. Even the people you thought would support you due to your years of divide and conquer politicking will turn on you. Those you have presumed to be your willing cronies and lackeys will no longer stand silent in the face of your aggression. This is the way of revolutions and that is what this is. The world is waking up and is at war with you, and what plump targets you are. You have created a world of have nots who in the face of despair and desperation will want very much what you have and will come to take it and you.

The entire world has watched you employ your surrogates, the politicians and the police to oppress in a futile effort to suppress and should it continue, by this very action you will send more and more people into the streets to oppose you. You saw it in Egypt and elsewhere, you know it’s true, and yet you continue. Look around you. The Military that you have abused and used as cannon fodder for decades for your wars of profit will not support you. They are weary of strife and angry at how you have conducted yourself without honor while abusing theirs. They will be coming for you, not us.

We are literally watching the collapse of the current festering paradigm and will soon witness the birth of a better, more just world. I say this because I am certain of victory. Defeat is not an option. There is no choice now.

We can see that you intend extreme measures, a blitzkrieg, a grand charade of fear and terror, the classic misdirection of the illusionist. We will assure that the public does not fall for it. You will fail. You are outnumbered. Without us you have no one to rule and we are through being ruled by tyrants. We intend to disobey with all our hearts. You have brought us to this point both with your schemes and your lack of responsibility and insight, but it is we who will seize this moment. Those of you lucky enough to escape justice will be cast out from civilized society, pariahs, financially ruined, shelter less and on the run. You have pushed us to the brink of civil war and economic and environmental collapse , what do you think will happen to you and yours should you fail?

It is the corporation that will soon be subjected to severe oversight, scrutiny and surveillance. The realm of industry and finance that will be strictly controlled and regulated with severe punishments meted out for those who commit fraud and crime against the planet and it’s people.

You will not be allowed to slink back into the shadows as you have done in the past when your plans went awry. This time you will pay for your transgressions against the rest of humanity. You will have to answer for your war crimes, your genocides, your invasions of the privacy of your fellow citizens, your fear and hate mongering, your colonization of the weak and rape of the Earth for your personal profit, your planet killing pollution, your tampering with the food supply and so much more. It is not just the struggle against you that must be won. This is a battle for the very survival of planet Earth and for the soul of the human race. This is a battle that you cannot and must not win.

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April 13, 2012 1 comment

Cognitive Dissidents

By Josh Corman & Brian Martin


This multi-part article, with original artwork by Mar, is a follow-up to a one hour panel discussion at DEFCON 19 titled “‘Whoever Fights Monsters…’ Confronting Aaron Barr, Anonymous and Ourselves” moderated by Paul Roberts, discussed by Josh Corman, Brian Martin and Scot Terban. The views of the authors are not meant to be a criticism of Anonymous, nor are they meant to be encouragement for future criminal activity. It is an inevitable fact that Anonymous, or similar groups, will become bigger, stronger, and more effective. Discussions on how to build a more potent digital hacktivism group (illegal hacking to achieve a political goal) have occurred for over a decade. This article will not attempt to introduce groundbreaking new ideas, but rather will summarize many existing ideas and subject them to analysis from two security practitioners on two sides of this issue. If…

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When Conspiracy Theory Becomes Conspiracy Obvious

April 12, 2012 Leave a comment

when conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy obvious

President Obama doesn’t look like Adolph Hitler and you wouldn’t think they have much in common and I doubt seriously Obama, a former  “senior lecturer” of law who  taught courses in constitutional law at the University of Chicago, is intending to set himself up as supreme dictator. Rather he is another pawn is the schemes of the ruling elite to subvert the constitution and take America for themselves by force and by attrition. America and the world, should they succeed, will most likely be ruled by a board of directors.
Much of what has been done to further the aims of the New World Order in the last 15 years has actually been accomplished through legislation as well as executive orders.
This type of legal style assault on democracy has been seen before. In Nazi Germany. Hitler himself seized power through a series of legislative acts that allowed him to consolidate his hold over Germany and it’s people. The first, the Reichstag Fire Decree or the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State was used allowing for wide interpretations of the law to eliminate civil liberties and allowed to state to suppress whoever may oppose them. It went something like this…
Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom , freedom of (opinion) expression, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications. Warrants for House searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.
The Reichstag (German Parliament) fire was most likely set by the Nazis themselves, then blamed on the communists to garner support for themselves. Much the same theory as seen in conspiracy theories involving the 9/11 attacks.
The second legislative act Hitler used to make himself dictator was the Enabling act of 1933 which allowed the cabinet to make laws without the participation of the Parliament, or congress in American terminology. We have seen a plethora of Presidential executive orders and signing orders in the last few decades. George W. Bush used signing orders to circumvent many civil liberties and constitutionalities. Dick Cheney is a big fan of absolute presidential power that thumbs it’s nose at the congress and the people. He has been a player in corrupt administrations going back to Nixon and Reagan. Their administration worked very hard to throw the balance of the three branches severely out of whack in favor of a strong authoritarian Presidency.
The enabling act was mean only to last for four years unless renewed which it was, much like our Patriot Act. It was during this time that Hitler assumed control of the Presidency of the republic and cemented his grip.
Laws that followed included the antisemitic Nuremberg Laws, The Nazi Anti-Flag Desecration Law and many more.

Does any of this ring a bell? sound familiar? seem a little suspicious? It should. This pattern is being repeated right here in America and throughout the world.
The answer may seem simple. If a law is unconstitutional or unjust you simply don’t obey it. It worked for Gandhi, right? Thoreau was a smart guy, right? Civil Disobedience  has a certain appeal as opposed to violent confrontation, right? Well lets hope so.

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Introduction to Permaculture – 40 hours of Free video lectures

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40 hours of free permaculture lectures can be found here

Permaculture means ‘permanent culture,’ (or ‘permanent agriculture’) and …’is the conscious design and maintenance of cultivated ecosystems that have the diversity, stability, and resilience of a natural ecosystem.’ (Bill Mollison)

This course will explore, through lectures, discussions, field trips, and required projects, a design/thinking methodology that seeks to provide for our physical needs, food, water, shelter, energy, etc., while doing so in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner.

also see the permaculture wiki for more information

Cover of "Permaculture: A Practical Guide...

Cover via Amazon


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