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Now I’ve gone and done it.

The first time I went down to my local occupation, Occupy Nashville, I was instantly struck by the conversations there. Some of the most intelligent dialogue I had heard in decades actually, the kind you no longer hear in politics, in the media or even from your family or neighbors.

TN State Capital, Occupy Nashville

TN State Capital, Occupy Nashville (Photo credit: robert.claypool)

One comment stuck with me for days afterward. An older women, one who had obviously lived through the 1960′s and 1970′s expressed regrets and said she felt like she, and others of her generation, had “dropped the ball”. An obvious reference to the social protests of the time and the falling back into complacency afterwards.
With the Vietnam war over and the civil rights issues seemingly resolved  highly visible social action transformed itself into quietly working on the self and the issues in a mostly unnoticeable mode. Change has come slowly but surely. Positive things have been achieved over time on issues that matter. The environment being one of the most clearly obvious ones.
Yes, it has been a constant back and forth struggle between the powers of good and evil on this and many other issues, but imagine a world where the behavior of the governments, corporations and self serving special interests of the world had gone unchecked back then. As bad as things are now, imagine how terrible it might have been if people had not stood up for themselves and their world in such a pivotal moment in history.
We stand today at another pivotal moment. One which may well decide the fate of the people and the planet once and for all.
Positive change has been chipped away at by attrition over the years. Special interests have contrived and manipulated the system, degraded the law, usurped the American constitution and laid waste to the socioeconomic landscape in an attempt to set themselves as the a ruling elite with the rest of us indentured to them as debt slaves.
No longer content to simply colonize the resources of the third world countries of the world.  These elitists now use the vast economic power, political leverage and military might at their disposal to prey on all of the weaker nations of the world, be they enemy or friend. They rule by debt and austerity and the threat of military intervention.
Nations like Greece, Spain and Portugal are now enslaved to a New World Order who can control them and loot them as they see fit. They are firmly under the thumb of these fascists. Nations like Germany, Italy and even the United States will most likely be next.
Plans have quietly been laid over the last 60 years to conquer America by attrition.  Many of these plans have included  the same tactics  that Hitler used to take control over Germany and bring the Nazis to power. Clearly he was a role model. It has often been said that they greatly admired Mussolini’s fascist state and hoped to recreate such a model as well. Almost daily now legislation is created and passed that further restricts freedom and sends the world closer to the abyss of destruction. The blatant arrogance of the Bush, Cheney years has been replaced by the gentler, kinder arrogance of the Obama administration. Truly politicians are simply puppets of the corporations and the policy making think tanks that have secretly ruled America and much of the world for some time now. Self serving corporations and policy making think tanks that are not elected by anyone but who design and set policy for the worlds nations.
People all over the world are recognizing the danger and standing up and saying “No!” and like the woman I referenced at the beginning of this article I feel as though I “dropped the ball”, spending years doing things other than what I should have been doing which is preparing for this moment. I knew it was coming, I have no excuse and no recourse but to pick up the ball and say “No!”.
This blog and related efforts are my first efforts at entering into solidarity with the pro democracy forces at work against the monster which now faces us. I promise it will not be my last effort.

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