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The murder of Kelly Thomas my 2012 story of the year

I have given a lot of thought to the year of 2012 and wondered what stories should be considered important. NDAA, FISA and the continuing usurpation of our rights under the traitors we have elected in Washington. These certainly are defining issues for our time. The endless grind of the war machine making heavy profits for the rich while crushing the poor. The economy is a major issue as the global elite flaunt with impunity their tightening grip on the planet.
Looking back however, one story stuck in my mind the most, haunting me, and left me wondering if this man would ever find justice for his murder at the hands of vicious psycopaths. People who should have helped and protected him and instead took his life in a most savage and horrible way. It is the story of Kelly Thomas.
from wikipedia…
On July 5, 2011, at about 8:30 PM, officers of the Fullerton Police Department responded to a call from the management of the Slidebar[14] that someone was vandalizing cars near the Fullerton Transportation Center. While investigating, they encountered the shirtless and disheveled Thomas and attempted to search him. According to statements given by the officers, Thomas was uncooperative and resisted when they attempted to search him, so backup was called. The officers then repeatedly applied Tasers to Thomas, hit him with the butts of the Tasers and flashlights, and threw him onto the ground.[15] A video of the event surfaced, and Thomas can be heard repeatedly screaming in pain while officers are heard repeatedly asking him to place his arms behind his back. Unable to get Kelly to comply with the requests, a taser was used on him (up to five times according to a witness statement) in the video, and screaming “Dad! Dad!”.[16] Six officers were involved in subduing Thomas, who was unarmed and had a history of mental illness. Thomas was initially taken to St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton but was transferred immediately to the UC Irvine Medical Center with severe injuries to his head, face, and neck.
Kelly Thomas was removed from life support and died on July 10, 2011, five days after the beating.[24] Initial reports claimed that Thomas had been very combative with officers and two had suffered broken bones.[25] Later, the police department confirmed that no officers had suffered any broken bones, and that no one other than Thomas had any significant injuries.

Kelly Thomas shortly before his death after being beaten by Police


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