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Proof? Facebook may be a Government run spy app

Many people, activists in particular have noticed that Facebook periodically tries to shut down free speech on political issues. It has targeted accounts who are vocal in calling out injustices or reporting on events of importance. They have tried to shut me down a few times and have actually banned me for a few days at a time. They have also used this tactic to slow me down in acquiring new friends and contacts.
This morning I noticed something I had not before. I tried posting a story about Imprisoned Human Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart being denied cancer treatment. I was presented with a security check captcha, which is what Facebook uses to block accounts (never fill out the captcha), instead open Facebook in a new tab and close the old one. This usually works. But not today, they may have fixed that vulnerability. They would not allow me to post that story no matter how hard I tried to circumvent it.
Disgusted with it I moved on. I tried to post something else on an unrelated subject for the hell of it. It went through and posted. I thought wth, and tried posting the Lynne Stewart piece again. FAIL! Another captcha. I tried a post with different subject matter. It posted. Tried the Lynne Stewart piece again. FAIL! Captcha again. I repeated this over and over.
I came to a conclusion. Facebook was not blocking me for “too much” or “annoying” posting, their normal excuse for a ban. They were blocking THIS story. Why does FB give a crap about a human rights lawyer who is being denied cancer treatment? The obvious answer is she is an enemy of the state. The story is being flagged or filtered. Again I ask myself why does Facebook care? The answer, they don’t. Unless…. Facebook is more deeply in bed with the feds than anyone realized. Worse, Facebook ARE the feds. CIA? NSA? FBI? DHS? Something else we have never even heard of?
Julian Assange has called Facebook an ‘Appalling Spy Machine’, and maybe that assertion only scratches the surface of how insidious the truth really is.


With that said here is the story I tried so hard to post that was constantly blocked by FB.

Imprisoned Human Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Denied Cancer Treatment
She tirelessly worked for justice. She devoted her life and work to upholding principles too important to reject. She knew the risks and took them. She did so because it matters.
For 30 years, she defended America’s poor, underprivileged, unwanted and forgotten. Without advocates like her, they never have a chance for due process and judicial fairness.
Her trial mocked justice. It was orchestrated to convict. It reflected the worst of McCarthy-like tactics. Inflammatory terrorist images were displayed in court.
Jurors were manipulated and intimidated. Lynne was called a traitor with radical political views. Heated rhetoric substituted for truth and full disclosure.

The terrible truth may be that Facebook is not just offering back door access of your personal data to the Surveillance State. Facebook may actually be a very large arm of the Surveillance itself.

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